Press Advertising
Over 5.2 million newspapers are sold every week and 1.5 million are freely distributed.

  New and used car ads

  Designed to each papers specific sizes

  Stand out from the competitors

Press advertising is the most common and traditional form of dealer advertising and while newspaper sales have reduced in recent years, we recognise that a good press advert will always have its place and design quality should never be compromised. Despite this, we know that 84% of Irish adults still regularly read a newspaper and over 5.2 million newspapers are sold every week and another 1.5 million are freely distributed.

Newspapers are one of the quickest methods of getting your message to the masses. What could start as an idea on a Monday morning could be a full page advert being read by potentially millions of people in a couple of days.

So whether it is in a national newspaper or your local newspaper, your business has the potential to reach a huge volume of prospective customers.

Let us create a unique used car template for you, adapt your franchise’s national adverts for your local paper, or design a bespoke advert and slogan for your next major campaign and allow these potential customers know all about it.