Data Management
Turn your database into a powerful marketing tool

  Ireland’s leading automotive data management team

  Clean and ready to go

  Up to date and compliant

At Dealer marketing we believe your database is your greatest asset and the foundation of any successful marketing campaign or CRM programme. We are the best in the business! And when it comes to turning your database into a powerful marketing tool, we’re the people you need to talk to.

Have you attempted to utilise your database to generate business for your dealership? If so, how much time and money have you wasted trying to make sense of bad data? Chances are you mightn’t even realise that this is happening. At Dealer Marketing we provide a data management service whereby you can access the correct data for whatever reason you might want, whenever you want.

We will take your old database that is crammed full of old records, trade records, non-viable records, duplicate records, badly formatted records, the list goes on, and turn it into a database full of up to date marketable data. On top of that we will also ensure your database is kept clean, relevant and up to date. We have invested heavily in DealerBase, our unique online Cloud database and CRM system to allow you complete control of each and every customer communication. You can search through vehicles and customers, run reports on campaign success, run retention reports, and export customer groups to your own PC, all at the click of a mouse.

Whether you’re a single franchise dealership, a multi franchise dealer with several branches or a distributor looking to collate dealer data, we have a solution that will be just right for you.